EZ4005 Ammonium Analyzer 1 stream Modbus RS485
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EZ4005 Ammonium Analyzer, 1 stream, Modbus RS485

Online, automatic titration of Ammonium in water monitoring applications

State of the art titration platform
The EZ4000 Series Analyzers are single-parameter titrators built on an industrial analytical platform. High precision dispensers, robust peristaltic pumps and carefully designed liquid pathways all add up to the highest performance for industrial and environmental analysis needs.

Unique flexibility in titration methods
Every application starts with the basics: the right titrimetric technique for the parameter of interest, the measuring range and the water matrix. Depending on the change in the specific variables, the EZ4000 Series run either acid-base, redox, precipitation or photocolorimetric titration allowing for a unique flexibility.

The EZ4005 Ammonium Analyzers use acid-base titration. They combine an unparalleled expertise in online titration with a set of unique analysis, control and communication features in a compact footprint:
- Wide standard range of 0-5000 mg/L NH4-N
- Smart automatic features
- Control and communication via industrial panel PC
- Analogue and digital output options
- Multiple stream analysis (up to 8 streams)

There are many additional options available. Please contact Hach for more details.


Alarm:1 x malfunctioning, 4 x user-configurable, max. 24 VDC/0.5 A, potential free contacts
Ambient Temperature:10 - 30 °C ±4 °C deviation at 5 - 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Automatic cleaning:Yes
Certifications:CE compliant / UL certified
Cycle Time:10 - 15 minutes
Demineralized Water:For rinsing
Digital Outputs:Modbus RS485
Dimensions (H x W x D):690 mm x 465 mm x 330 mm
Drain:Atmospheric pressure, vented, min. Ø 64 mm
Earth Connection:Dry and clean earth pole with low impedance (< 1 Ohm) using an earth cable of > 2.5 mm²
Instrument Air:Dry and oil free according to ISA-S7.0.01-1996 quality standard for instrument air
Interferences:Soaps, oily matter, suspended solids or precipitates may coat the glass electrode and cause a sluggish response. Allow additional time between titrant additions to let the electrode come to equilibrium or clean the electrodes occasionally. Alkaline compounds may interfere with the titration.
Lower Limit of Detection (LOD):≤ 10 mg/L
Material:Hinged part: Thermoform ABS, door: plexiglass
Wall section: Galvanized steel, powder coated
Measurement Method:Acid-base titration with sulphuric acid, conform with standard method APHA 4500-NH3
Number of sample streams:1 stream

1 to 8 streams
Output:Modbus RS485

Active 4 - 20 mA max. 500 Ohm load, 1 to 8 outputs
RS232, Modbus TCP/IP
Power:100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Max. power consumption: 120 VA
Precision:Better than 2% full scale range for standard test solutions
Protection Class:Analyzer cabinet: IP55 / Panel PC: IP65
Range:100 - 5000 mg/L NH₄-N

10 - 500 mg/L NH₄-N
25 - 1250 mg/L NH₄-N
50 - 2500 mg/L NH₄-N
Reagent Requirements:Keep between 10 - 30 °C (50 - 86 °F)
Sample Flow Rate:100 - 300 mL/min
Sample Pressure:By external overflow vessel
Sample Quality:Maximum particle size 100 µm, < 0.1 g/L; Turbidity < 50 NTU
Sample Temperature:10 - 30 °C (50 - 86 °F)
Validation:Automatic; frequency freely programmable
Warranty:1 year
Weight:25 kg (55 lbs.)Alat Laboratorium Umum

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