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H100 GIMA AUTOCLAVE - 9 l - 110 V
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H100 GIMA AUTOCLAVE - 9 l - 110 V

This autoclave is safe and easy to use. It is used to sterilize turbines, rotating instruments and all hand-pieces which can be sterilized up to 125°C. All this with a sterilization cycle of 15 minutes. It is formed by an external box of painted steel and a stainless-steel 18/10 body without any welding, it has three safety valves. Made in Italy • Safety systems - Safety lock, which prevents the opening of the door during the sterilization cycle; the door can only be opened when pressure inside the chamber is levelled to the ambient one. - Safety valve for vapour exhaust in case of damage with inside overpressure > 2.5 bar. - Safety thermostat which occurs if the inner temperature of the chamber rises over 135°C. - Thermodynamic vacuum.

Technical Specifications
• External size: 258 x 300 x h 370 mm
• Size of the sterilizing chamber: Ø 220 mm - h mm 215
• Removable basket: Ø 210 mm - h mm 215
• Sterilizing liquid: distilled water
• Absorbed power: 1500 Watts
• Operating voltage: 110 V - 50/60 Hz
• Fuses: type 6.3 x 32 mm - 8A
• Operating temperature: 125 °C
• Sterilizing time: 15 minutes
• Operational pressure: 1.6/1.7 bars (170/180 KPa)

Standard accessories
• Stainless steel basket
• Distilled water bottle 1 l
• Rauclair tube
• Electric cable
• User manual: english, french, spanish, german, Italian

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