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Incubator IF 30 memmret
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Universal Oven UF30

delivery Universal Oven The universally applicable lab oven U is Memmert’s classic appliance for temperature control in science, research and material tests in industry. The technologically perfected masterpiece made of high-quality, hygienic, easy-to-clean stainless steel leaves nothing to be desired in terms of ventilation and control technology, overtemperature protection and precisely tuned heating technology.

On this page, you can find all the essential technical data on the universal Memmert lab oven. Our customer relations team will be pleased to help if you want further information. If you should require a customised special solution, please contact our technical specialists at

Alat Laboratorium Umum


Working temperature rangeat least 5 (UN/UNplus/UNm/UNmplus) or 10 (UF/UFplus/UFm/UFmplus) above ambient temperature to +300 °CSetting temperature range+20 to +300 °CTemperature sensor1 Pt100 sensor DIN class A in 4-wire-circuit

Control technology

Language settingGerman, English, Spanish, French, Polish, Czech, HungarianControlCOCKPITSingleDISPLAY. Adaptive multifunctional digital PID-microprocessor controller with high-definition TFT-colour displayTimerDigital backwards counter with target time setting, adjustable from 1 minute to 99 daysFunction SetpointWAITthe process time does not start until the set temperature is reachedCalibrationthree freely selectable temperature valuesadjustable parameterstemperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), fan speed, air flap position, programme time, time zones, summertime/wintertime


Fanforced air circulation by quiet air turbine, adjustable in 10 % stepsFresh airAdmixture of pre-heated fresh air by electronically adjustable air flapVentvent connection with restrictor flap


Documentationprogramme stored in case of power failureProgrammingAtmoCONTROL software for reading out, managing and organising the data logger via Ethernet interface (temporary trial version can be downloaded). USB stick with AtmoCONTROL software available as accessory (on demand).


Temperature controladjustable electronic overtemperature monitor and mechanical temperature limiter TB, protection class 1 according to DIN 12880 to switch off the heating approx. 20°C above nominal temperatureAutodiagnostic systemfor fault analysis

Standard equipment

Doorfully insulated stainless steel door with 2-point locking (compression door lock)Internals1 stainless steel grid(s), electropolishedWorks calibration certificateCalibration at +160°C

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