Rain Gauge with 100 ft
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Rain Gauge with 100 ft. cable

Rain Gauge with 100 ft Cable and Mounting Base Plate. For use with Hach FL900 Flow Meters. 

  • Diverse and Reliable Measuring
  • Tipping Bucket Operation
  • Convenient Features

Diverse and Reliable Measuring

Built to National Weather Service standards, the gauge
accurately measures rainfall in 0.01” increments. The tipping
bucket mechanism tips with every 0.01” of rainfall, producing
a momentary contact closure with each movement.
A stainless steel funnel screen prevents plugging from leaves
and other wind-blown debris. The removable funnel permits
viewing of a built-in bubble level, with an innovative springloaded
base plate providing an easy, convenient means to
level the gauge. A hole in each corner of the base plate
permits a secure, anchored installation.

Tipping Bucket Operation

The 8” diameter funnel directs rainwater into a “tipping bucket”, which is divided vertically into two halves. When 0.01” of rainfall fills one side of the bucket, the bucket tips, spilling the water through the bottom of the rain gauge. The other side of the bucket is then positioned under the funnel. The bucket alternates tips with each 0.01” of rainfall. With each tip, a magnet, mounted to the bucket, activates a sealed, magnetic reed (proximity) switch, producing a momentary contact closure. Data is logged at user selectable time intervals using Hach FL900 series logger or Sigma 950 Flowmeter.

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Convenient Features

• Stainless steel funnel screen prevents plugging from leaves and other wind blown debris
• Removable funnel makes cleaning easy
• Built-in bubble level, with an innovative spring-loaded base plate provides an easy, convenient means to level the gauge
• Base plate permits secure anchored installation


Accuracy:0.5% at 0.5" per hour
Bucket Type:Tipping bucket with 8” diameter collector/funnel
Compatible Instruments:FL900
Dimensions:18"H x 12"W x 12"D (45.7 cm x 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm)
Material:Epoxy coated aluminum and anodized aluminum (funnel screen is stainless steel).
Three point adjustable base plate. Removable screen.
Mounting Configurations:Spring loaded, three-point adjustable
Resolution:0.01" rainfall per bucket tip
Weight:9.25 lbs. (4.2 kg)

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