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SHINAGAWA - Dry Gas Meter DCDa-1C-M
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Specification of SHINAGAWA - Dry Gas Meter DCDa-1C-M

Dry Gas Meter DCDa-1C-M


The displacement gas meter is an net-volume type integrating flowmeter that aontinuously measures the volume of a displaced gas. The measurement is made in accordance with the movement of a diaphragm that moves within a fixed-capacity metering chamber under gas pressure.

The net-volume type gas meter provides the measurement of any gas irrespective of the operational and maintenance free, eliminates the necessity for gas wetting, and offers various other excellent features, it property serves both the testing and industrial purposes

Diaphragm Capacity 0.7/ rev

Measuring Range 10~ 1, 100 / h

One Revolution 1 

Min Scale 5cc

Max Integrating 999m³ 

Connection Rubber Tube 3/ 8 inch

Digital Thermometer Display: LCD, Sensor: Thermister Limit of Error: ± 0.1° C

Manometer 180mm R-manometer ( A-Type: Option) 

Pulse Output ( Option) 0.01 / Pulse

Pulse Output type ( Option) Type" Da" .

Photo-Coupler Unit

Max. Working Pressure ; 10KPa ( 1, 000mmH‚ O) 

Operating Temp.: -10 to 50° C

Pressure Drop : 200Pa ( less then 20 mmH‚ O) 

Material Name for type DC-1C : Corrosion-Proof Type

Materials : PBT PF Resin, NBR CHC Rubber, Aluminum Die Casting, SUS 304, Steel Seet, Measuring Parts are for Corrosion-proof Casting.

Measuring Gases : Ammonia, Acetylene, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Sulfur Dioxide Gases, Blow-bye Gas, Pollution measurement Gases, and other Corrosion Gasses.

Material Name for type DC-1A : General Purpose Type

Materials : 

PBT PF POM Resin, NBR CHC Rubber, 

Aluminum Die Casting, 

Brass, Zinc Coated Steel Seet.

Measuring Gases : 

City Gas, LNG, LPG, Nitrogen, Saturated Hydrocabon GAs, Air, Argon and other Inert Gases But except its corrosion Gases.


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