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SK SATO Cat. No.6428-00 Pen Type pH Meter SK-660PH

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01 Apr 2022
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SK Sato

Spesifikasi SK SATO Cat. No.6428-00 Pen Type pH Meter SK-660PH



Calibration solutions are sold separately. For accurate measurement it is recommended to use calibration solutions.


- The sensor may be damaged to shorten its life if it is used for liquids such as organic solvents, oils, adhesives, surface-active agents, strong acids (pH 0 to 2), or strong alkalis (pH 12 to 14).

- The reading may become unstable if you measure pure or tap water.

- If you measure food or drink, take a sufficient quantity of a sample in a separate container so that the end of the sensor is immersed at least 3 cm in the sample. Do not eat or drink the sample after measurement.

- The sensor is made of glass, so take a great care in handling. Be careful not to injure yourself when it is broken.

 Lineup of calibration solutions

Calibration solutions

Catalog No.Item
6401-10Phthalate Solution, pH 4.01, 500 mL
6402-10Neutral Phosphate Solution, pH 6.86, 500 mL
6403-10Carbonate Solution, pH 10.01, 500 mL
6404-10Borate Solution, pH 9.18, 500 mL

Calibration solutions with certificates by JCSS, an ILAC-accredited authority

Catalog No.Item
6401-00Phthalate Solution, pH 4.01, 500 mL
6402-00Neutral Phosphate Solution, pH 6.86, 500 mL
6403-00Carbonate Solution, pH 10.01, 500 mL
6404-00Borate Solution, pH 9.18, 500 mL


Cat. No.6428-00
Product namePen Type pH Meter
Model nameSK-660PH
Measuring rangepH: 2.0 to 12.0
Temperature: 0.0 to 50.0°C
AccuracypH: ±0.3
Temperature: ±1.0°C
ResolutionpH: 0.1
Temperature: 0.1°C
Functions- Three-point calibration (pH 4.01, 6.86, 9.18, or 10.01)
- Hold function
- Auto power-off
- Auto temperature compensation
- Sensor sensitivity display to self-check deterioration
- Stability display of measured value
DetectorspH: Glass electrode with non-refillable KCl solution
Temperature: Thermistor
WaerproofnessIPX5 waterproof
MaterialsMain body: ABS resin
Sensor electrode: Glass
Dimensions38 mm diameter x 171 mm (L)
Weight82 g including batteries
PowerButton cell LR44 x4
Standard accessoriesHand strap x1, button cell LR44 x4, instruction manual

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