SK Sato Cat. No.7821-50 Digital Rainfall Indicator with Alarm Type: RA-001-00

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Spesifikasi SK Sato Cat. No.7821-50 Digital Rainfall Indicator with Alarm Type: RA-001-00


 RA-001-00 is designed to be used with Tipping Bucket Rainfall Sensor R1-502 (Cat. No. 7821-00) which outputs the contact signal to RA-001-00.

A built-in microprocessor calculates the rainfall based on the signal, displays the data, and performs the alarm output.

An alarm threshold can be set at your will. Alarm is output through relay contact, light, and buzzer.

Analog output is available by make-to-order.

 Hourly rainfall and accumulated rainfall (or effective rainfall) are displayed.

 Two alarms for different values can be set, and each alarm includes relay contact, lighting of the hazard lamp, and a buzzer sound.

First alarm: contact 24VDC, 1A; slow blinking of LED in yellow; a slow intermittent buzzer

Second alarm: contact 24VDC, 1A; fast blinking of LED in red; a fast intermittent buzzer

 Branch output as a contact pulse available in addition to data display.

24VDC, 1A, operating time > 100 ms

 Internal battery runs 4 hours even in a blackout


Ask us if you require an optional analog output.

1 channel
Output content

Hourly, accumulated, or effective rainfall

* Choose either one

* Output impedance less than 500Ω

Output range

0 to 100 mm or 0 to 1000 mm in 0 to 1VDC

* Choose either one


Cat. No.7821-50
Product nameDigital Rainfall Indicator with Alarm
Model nameRA-001-00
Connectable devicesTipping Bucket Rainfall Sensor (Cat. No. 7821-00, -10)
InputOne pulse per 0.5 mm of rainfall (1.0 mm available by make-to-order)
Required contact time0.1 second
Branch outputContact 24 VDC, 1 A, contact time 0.1 sec
IndicationHourly rainfall in 4 digits (upper LED)
Accumulated rainfall or effective rainfall in 4 digits switched by a key (lower LED)
Display range0.0 to 999.5 mm/s
Alarm rangeHourly rainfall: 1 to 450 mm
Accumulated rainfall: 1 to 999 mm
Effective rainfall: 1 to 999 mm
First alarmcontact 24VDC, 1A; slow blinking of LED in yellow; slow intermittent beeping
Second alarmcontact 24VDC, 1A; fast blinking of LED in red; fast intermittent beeping
Operation ambient0 to 50°C, less than 90%rh without condensing
Max. distance from bucket sensor500 m if CVVS 1.25 mm2 cable is used
MaterialStainless steel
Dimensions200 (W) x 110 (H) x 200 (D) mm
Weight3.5 kg
Power100 VAC ±10%, 15VA
Internal battery runs 4 hours in a blackout. Battery is charged whenever connected to power.

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