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Thermo Scientific Orion ROSS pH Electrodes

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21 Sep 2021
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Spesifikasi Thermo Scientific Orion ROSS pH Electrodes

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Thermo Scientific Orion ROSS pH Electrodes


Range: 0 to 14pH

Accuracy: 0.01pH

Temperature Range: 0 to 100°C

Glass or epoxy body construction

The Thermo Scientific Orion ROSS family of pH electrodes are widely recognized as the best pH electrodes on the market, particularly for difficult applications. Utilizing a unique reference element, ROSS® electrodes perform up to the highest standards for response, accuracy and precision.

Most reference elements are made from materials that do not provide optimal stability during temperature shifts or which may leech into samples affecting accuracy or suitability in certain samples. The Thermo Scientific Orion ROSS family of pH electrodes contain no volatile materials that interfere with reliability and use a liquid-to-liquid junction to maintain nearly identical internal reference potentials for superior response.

The Thermo Scientific ROSS pH electrodes are available with a glass or epoxy body and a variety of electrode body styles, fill types, references, junctions and connectors to suit any application. ROSS pH electrodes are also compatible with any brand pH meter with the appropriate (BNC or US Standard) connection. Please check product resources to ensure electrode compatibility with your meter.

The Thermo Scientific Orion ROSS family of pH electrodes are available in three models:

ROSS Ultra Premium pH Electrodes

The fastest response, highest accuracy and best repeat-ability that you can get with a pH electrode – plus a 1½ to 2 year warranty.

ROSS Premium pH Electrodes

Precise pH measurements with unmatched stability, reliability and rapid response regardless of temperature or sample composition.

ROSS PerpHecT pH Electrodes

Designed to provide the best pH and temperature measurements when used with the 320, 350 or 370 PerpHecT digital LogR meters. Includes the PerpHecT ROSS micro pH electrode, which can measure samples as small as 15 μL in 384 well plates; is TRIS buffer, protein and sulfide compatible.


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