Ultrasonic Sensor 30 ft cable for SC200
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Ultrasonic Sensor, 30 ft. cable for SC200

    The U53 Ultrasonic Sensor requires no maintenance and is designed to provide years of uninterrupted service. To minimize temperature effects, it has a short blocking distance or less than 10 inches (250 mm) so the sensor can be installed close to the water surface.
    Measuring Range: Depth: 0.82 - 19.68 ft. (0.25 - 6.0 m), Air Temperature: -40 to 176° F (-40 to +80° C).
    Mechanical: Construction: NEMA 6P (IP68) plastic PST body with integral temperature sensor, Cable: 30 ft.
    For use with Hach sc200 Universal Controller with Ultrasonic Flow Sensor.

    • Maintenance Free Sensor
    • Sensor Compatible with Large Selection of Flumes and Weirs
  • Alat Laboratorium Umum

  • Maintenance Free Sensor

    Non-Contact Ultrasonic Flow Sensor with pulse echo technology requires no routine maintenance.

    Sensor Compatible with Large Selection of Flumes and Weirs

    Select primary gauging structure from large library of flumes and weirs for flow sensor set-up or enter a flow curve for non-standard structure.

     What's in the box?

    Includes: sensor with cable and manual


    Accuracy:±0.5% of span
    Ambient Temperature:-40 to 90°C (-40 to 194°F)
    ±0.1°C (0.18°F)
    Cable Length:30 ft
    Calibration Method:Cal Depth 1 point; Cal Depth 2 point
    Depth Resolution:0.25 m (10 in.) to 6 m (20 ft.)
    ±1 mm (0.04 in.)
    Flow Rate:0-9999, 0-999.9, 0-99.99 with selectable flow rate units 
    Gauge Types:V Notch Weir
    Rectangle Weir
    Rectangle Flume
    Round Bot Flume
    Cipolletti Weir
    Neyrpic Flume
    Parshall Flume
    P Bowlus Flume
    Khafagi Flume
    L Lagco Flume
    H Type Flume
    Trapezoidal Flume
    User Defined
    Input Filter:999 sec
    Material:NEMA 6P (IP68) polybutylene
    terephthalate (PBT) body with integral
    temperature sensor
    Max. cable length Sensor-to-Controller:10 m, 20 m,
    50 m, or 100 m
    Operating Frequency:75kHz
    Repeatability:±0.1% of span
    Totalized Flow:Gal., ft.3, acre-ft., lit., m3, in.3

    Totalizer may be set to auto or manual
    (Menu option to reset is available in
    manual mode only)
    Totalizer:8-digit resettable LCD software totalizer
    Volume:0-9,999,999 with selectable volume units
    Weight 2:~0.5 kg (1.1 lb)

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