Whatman Filter Paper

Whatman Filter Paper, Glass Microfiber and Membrane Filter

Filter Paper

GE Healthcare Life Sciences offers qualitative, ashless, and technical filter papers that cover broad applications in laboratory and industrial applications. We also offer application specific filters and phase separator papers. 

The different grades of cellulose filters offer increasing degrees of purity, hardness, and chemical resistance. Some grades are also available in a prepleated format, enabling improved flow rate and increased loading capacity.

Whatman cellulose filters are manufactured from high quality cotton linters which have been treated to achieve a minimum alpha cellulose content of 98% to maintain guaranteed quality, reproducibility, and uniformity. The filters are tested for basic weight, thickness, air flow, and mechanical strength. They are mainly used for sample clarification or precipitate recovery before material identification or quantification in areas such as pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental testing, food and beverage, mining, cement and many other industries.

Glass Microfiber

GE Healthcare offers glass microfiber filters manufactured from 100% borosilicate glass, with or without binder. Filters without binder are chemically inert.
Glass Microfiber Binder Free filters feature low resistance to fluid flow and high particle loading capacity. GMF 150 filter is a multigrade paper that is particularly valuable as a prefilter for hard-to-filter solutions. The fine capillary structure of glass fiber filters can absorb large quantities of water, enabling spot tests and liquid scintillation counting methods.


GE Healthcare offers membrane filters covering pore sizes from 0.015 to 12 µm. Our broad offering of membrane materials (PTFE, regenerated cellulose, nylon, cellulose nitrate, polycarbonate, aluminum oxide, etc.) provides the user with an array of solvent compatibility options, porosities, and pore sizes according to individual specific needs. Some membrane materials are also available in sterile format.


Membrane filters are typically used in both liquid and air filtration. They offer accurately controlled pore size distribution with high strength and flexibility and are a suitable choice for a wide range of applications such as basic research, environmental testing, and pharmaceutical as well as food and beverage industries.


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